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Questions you should ask when hiring someone to do test prep with your student:


How was your test prep program developed? 

- Many people offering "test prep" based their work on "tips" and "tricks" to beat the test. If these worked, everyone would get a full ride scholarship! The simple truth is that good test preparation is a combination of solid content knowledge paired with good test taking and time management skills. The great thing about a good test prep program is that it builds skills your student will use long after the test is over. 


How long have you been doing test prep and what is your average student gain?

-TLC Tutoring started doing test prep in 2014, and most of our instructors have experience working with test prep that goes far beyond their time here. On average, students see a 4 point gain over the course of a test prep program, and many who do longer prep programs see far more. We have helped students get the scores to be admitted into Ivy League colleges, professional programs, and into the classroom to become professional educators. When it comes to test prep, look for someone who has experience and a track record of proven results. 

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