Homeschool is one of the oldest traditions in American education, and we understand now, more than ever why the freedom to home school is essential. Here are some questions to ask when hiring support for your home school student:


Do you provide a full K - 12 curriculum as part of your instructional program or will I need purchase curriculum and still pay for tutoring as well?

- At TLC Tutoring, we provide a full home school curriculum that is complementary for students enrolled in our tutoring program. This means that parents can save thousands of dollars every year by not having to buy books, supplies, and other supplemental materials. We have already done the purchasing and planning for you, so we take the hassle out of home schooling. 


How does your home school program parallel curriculum used in public schools?

- Our home school curriculum meets all the standards and covers all the content that your student would learn in a public school, but we personalize that curriculum to your family's needs. Each family has different and unique goals and values for their students, and we are able to adapt our curriculum to align with your family's needs. 


Will my students be college ready?

- Because we specialize in college admissions, we can ensure that your student will be prepared for standardized tests, college admissions essays, and the rigorous course load that come with a quality college education. Our ACT Test Prep program is fully integrated into our home school curriculum, so our students are ready to get into their top-choice schools, to earn scholarships, and to graduate debt-free. 

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