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Some students need additional support to succeed. 

Others need challenging enrichment to maximize their achievement.

Whatever you need, we are here for you.

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We all want to know for sure that our student is performing at grade level and that they are ready for success. With our free, comprehensive academic assessment, you can know for sure that your child has a solid academic foundation.

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Cameron, Parent

"What I enjoy most about this tutoring company is the emphasis on students first. Creating an effective approach to various pedagogues is difficult, but I believe the brains behind TLC Tutoring have truly captured the necessary tools and development for success. The state of Arkansas needs more people like this in the education system."

Jim, Parent

"The staff at TLC tutoring is second to none. They go above and beyond for all their clients, and parents. If you want a dedicated, capable, and trustworthy company to provide the tiring to your children, or college age people, I can’t recommend them enough. Absolutely outstanding, and they’ve gained a customer in me, for both my children.

Audrey, Parent

"The tutors go above and beyond for the students. Both of my children attended here. They help my youngest child with homework and helped raise my oldest child ACT score. I am thankful and blessed that they were eager to work with them, patient and friendly. If you have a child that is needing help bring them to TLC Tutoring, I promise

you won’t regret it."

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