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TLC has served hundreds of students over the last 7 years.

Our customized program and dedicated staff are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. We work hard to have the expertise you need and the commitment necessary to see real improvements for your student.

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Alex, Parent

"I'm really happy with the improvement I've seen in my students grades and ACT Test scores. I really appreciate that the staff is willing to help students with whatever they need - not just test prep. I brought my son in for ACT prep, but he was also able to improve his math grade in Geometry by getting help with his homework during his test prep sessions."

Vanessa, Student

"TLC  has tutored me in Finite Mathematics for the past 12 weeks and while doing so, they stayed patient, and were very encouraging. My grade has improved tremendously because of the study skills and knowledge that TLC  provided to me."

Penny, Parent

"I cannot recommend highly enough TLC Tutoring Co. Everyone that my daughter has worked with there has been so knowledgeable and so incredibly caring. Not only did her ACT scores improve, but so did her confidence in her abilities. Whether your student is struggling with specific content or wants to improve test scores, TLC Tutoring Co. is a wise investment in any student's future."

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