TLC Tutoring Co. opened in January of 2015 with a single goal: raising student's ACT/SAT scores to help them improve their educational opportunities without taking on the burden of student debt. As the families we served requested additional services, we began to expand our offerings to become a full-service tutoring company serving students PreK through Post Grad. Mr. Thompson became acquainted with the work of TLC Tutoring during his time working as a consultant in Jonesboro, and in January of 2019, he agreed to become part of the TLC Tutoring family bringing our services to Northwest Arkansas. Our talented team of instructors and support staff are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding educational experience. 

David White
Founder and Owner
Jonesboro Manager

Mr. White is the founder and owner of TLC Tutoring Co. He holds a BSE in English and an MSE in Educational Leadership. He started teaching in 2003 and has served as a principal and teacher in grades K - 12. He currently teaches at Annie Camp Jr. High and is very proud to be part of the Jonesboro Public Schools family. When not teaching and running TLC, Mr. White is active in St. Mark's Episcopal church and in various charitable causes in the community.

Brandon Lercher
Assistant Manger
Jonesboro Office

Mr. Lercher is the assistant manager of the Jonesboro office and a graduate of Beebe High School and is a Senior Education Major at Arkansas State University. He is a highly-trained ACT specialist with three years experience as an instructor and a strong history of moving scores and earning scholarships. As a member of the ASU Band, he is an accomplished trombone player and is president of the TKE Fraternity.

John Thompson
Springdale Manager

Mr. Thompson is the Co-Owner of TLC Tutoring Co. and the director of our non-profit, the TLC Community Foundation. He holds a BA in Political Science from Arkansas State University. Mr. Thompson is an accomplished public speaker and panelist, speaking on a range of topics from intersectionality to economics. He is a three time International Public Debate Association National Champion, the former Arkansas Boys State Governor, and an active member of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.

Kyler Cowden
Jonesboro Office

Mr. Cowden is a graduate of Rivercrest High School. Upon graduation, he studied Mechanical Engineering at ASU where he was president of the Secular Student's Alliance. He is currently pursuing certification in computer and information technology. Mr. Cowden has been with TLC for two years and has helped hundreds of students earn scholarships and graduate debt free. 

Chase Sanders
Jonesboro Office

Mr. Sanders is a graduate of Valley View High School and a Senior at Arkansas State University. His excellent ACT scores and strong history of moving student scores make him a highly valued instructor at TLC. He is currently pursuing a BS in Exercise Science and a career as an Occupational Therapist (O.T.D). His long-term goal is to become a university professor, so he can continue to share his knowledge and make a difference in the lives of his students. 

Callie Randle 
Head of Bookkeeping
Corporate Office

Ms. Randle is the head of bookkeeping for our corporate office and provides instruction for students at our Jonesboro office.  She is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas and a long-time teacher. She has worked in Blytheville and West Memphis. In addition to her work at TLC, Ms. Randle is a trained grader for many standardized tests. Ms. Randle is also the voice of TLC, answering calls and scheduling appointments for our students.  Her ability to make complex problems simple and accessible makes her an invaluable resource for our students. 

Olivia Peeler
Jonesboro Office

Ms. Peeler is a graduate of Jonesboro Public Schools and of Arkansas State University. Ms. Peeler is a lifelong resident of Jonesboro, Arkansas. She holds a BSE in Education, and she is a 5th grade teacher for Jonesboro Public Schools. Ms. Peeler's knowledge of reading and math instruction makes her an invaluable member of the TLC Team!

Ashly Addison
Jonesboro Office

Ms. Addison provides instruction and program planning for elementary and middle school students and designs curriculum for home school students. In addition to working at TLC, she is a full-time teacher at Annie Camp Junior High. When not working or teaching, she enjoys participating in her bowling league. She is a powerful advocate for children and education in the community. 

David Stroud
Jonesboro Office

David Stroud is a state certified teacher with 2 years experience, holding certifications for Middle school math and science, as well as a TEFL English certification. David specializes in elementary to middle education at TLC. A graduate of Arkansas State University, David was a member of the universities teachers organization and a member of the Phi Mu Alpha fraternity. With a passion to learn new things, and a drive to teach, David would love to help your child learn and grow.

Harrison Bruner
Jonesboro Office

Mr. Bruner is a graduate of Highland High School and a Junior at Arkansas State University.   He is pursing a B.A. in Music Performance, and is a part of the A-State bands.  He is an experienced ACT tutor who enjoys helping his students gain the confidence and skills they need to increase their scores.

Hannah Cortinas
Springdale Office

Ms. Cortinas recently graduated with her Masters in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University. She is an accomplished athlete; nationally ranked in women’s collegiate basketball for her personal statistics. When not working or teaching, she enjoys reading and spending time outdoors discovering the beauty of Northwest Arkansas. Her deep love for learning overflows into a passion to see students learn and grow in their education.

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